Stool donor – Get Paid $500 for your poop!!

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  • Post Date : November 2, 2023
  • Apply Before : March 12, 2029
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Job Description

Chronic disease and general poor health have been drastically increasing over the past decades to the point where the vast majority of the population is now extremely unhealthy. It goes well beyond a single generation being a little overweight due to eating too much. It is an exponentially worsening crisis with each generation, in large part due to the loss of our host-native microbes that get passed down generationally [1-5].

This not only leads to a large amount of suffering and death for adults and children, but it also has drastic societal detriments when the vast majority of people are poorly functioning.

Fecal Microbiota Transplants and the Microbiome
Recent microbiome research discoveries have given hope of addressing these major problems [6-8]. But in order to do so, we need the tiny 0.1% of people who are still healthy enough to qualify as a high quality stool donor to sign up and start donating their stool.

While many other operations have a primary financial motivation, our motivation is fixing people and fixing society. We aim to find the fewer than 0.1% of people who qualify, and connect them with doctors, researchers, hospitals, clinical trials, and individuals.

You can be an FMT donor on your own schedule
You can choose if you want to make daily donations, or if you are too busy, to wait only for a large clinical trial. After screening 26,000 donor applicants and still not getting the quality of donor we’re looking for, we’ve increased our prices and payouts to $500 per stool sample ($180,000/yr). But if that is not sufficient payment for your time, you are able to set whatever price you would like. We cannot solve this problem without you.

Required skills

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